The Bothar Group of Companies (“Group”) is an international contractor that has over 30 years of cutting edge experience in successfully delivering challenging engineering solutions to a wide range of clients and market sectors. It has an enviable track record and a highly skilled and diverse capability range that enables it to provide a focused contract solution to all tunnelling projects.

The Group has offices in Australia, Canada, Kuwait and the UAE, and is able to support expansion into other geographical areas in the tunnelling contracting arena. Our offerings include shaft construction, microtunnelling,  auger boring, tunnel boring & pipe jacking, direct pipe, Bothar built tunnelling machines, and HDD. 

The Group has a strong focus on employee, subcontractor and public safety, whilst ensuring that it minimises its environmental footprint. During the planning and construction phase of all projects, the Group strives to maintain the public amenities to road,  rail, seaway and utility services to ensure we meet the local community’s expectations.

Repeat business with many clients reinforces that the Group can make a significant contribution to the success of your project, with staff and work crews who have a proven track record in the successful execution of the construction of tunnelling projects. All in-house staff are thoroughly familiar with the Group’s equipment, work teams, tunnelling construction techniques and are committed to Zero Harm and maximum public safety. 

The Group has the capacity to operate on a project anywhere in the world, allowing the completion of important projects on time and within budget.