Bothar Built expertise delivering tunnelling solutions to the world’s most complex environments.

Whether it is through hard rock or soft ground or the need for us to carefully navigate around the world’s extensive buried infrastructure service networks, Bothar Built’s team of equipment manufacturing specialists have been able to turn customers project concepts into reality.

We have delivered hundreds of kilometers of tunnels for infrastructure projects including city development, rail, airports and roads; water conveyance systems for both cities and industrial needs; oil and gas projects; and power projects.

Here at Bothar we have learned from our experiences and figured out a way of designing simple tunnelling machines that solve complex construction problems. Where particularly tough ground conditions require either machine of manual excavation, Bothar has developed unique methods of steerable tunnel boring and pipe jacking equipment to install steel pipes and concrete casings that reduce the overall level of resources required to build the tunnel.

Featured equipment:

This equipment has delivered:

  • Many various types of specialist tunnelling systems on hundreds of projects with various drives in various ground conditions from small to large diameter utility services in the international tunnelling construction industry.
  • Improved safety and efficiency of tunnel excavation with the operator transferred from inside the TBM to outside operator enabling maximization of our project delivery timeframe whilst keeping the project costs down.