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Following a review of potential global opportunities, Bothar has recently amalgamated with North America’s leaders in Direct Pipe installation – Innovative Pipeline Crossings Inc. (IPC). Together the Group are an international leader who provide highly technical, state of the art solutions to complex infrastructure challenges.

The Bothar Group (with a global footprint) provide engineering solutions including design and construction for tunnelling, microtunnelling, pipejacking, auger boring, shaft sinking, small diameter Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), Bothar Built machines and Bothar cranes and, now with the amalgamation with IPC, direct pipe installation.

On 29 October, 2018 shareholders of IPC gathered for a special meeting resulting in a positive vote for the amalgamation of IPC and the Bothar Group of Companies.

IPC is a pipeline engineering, construction and contracting company focusing on balancing cost-effective drilling solutions with environmental protection. Their trenchless drilling techniques present unique cost saving and scheduling opportunities for challenging pipeline and municipal projects.

With their specialised techniques, IPC focuses on using Direct Pipe technology with large diameter pipeline installations ranging from 750mm (30 inches) to 1500mm (60 inches). Based in Calgary, Alberta, they are a leading specialist trenchless construction company in North America, trusted by some of the largest Canadian energy infrastructure companies including TransCanada, Enmax, Enbridge, Ledcor Group, Spectra Energy, Banister, Surerus Murphy.

Further information regarding IPC can be found on their webpage

We welcome IPC to the Bothar family and look forward to increasing our service capacities to all of our current and future clients.