When absolute precision is required, Bothar Boring utilises cutting-edge microtunnelling machines manufactured by world leaders Herrenknecht.

These Herrenknecht AVN machines are all-rounders for safe tunnelling in the diameter range of 0.4 to around 4 meters and are operated using state-of-the-art laser-guided technology. The slurry-supported excavation concept makes it possible to use these machines in all kinds of ground conditions, ranging from silt to clay to incohesive soils, and further to gravel and rock.

Bothar’s fleet of Bothar built FSD Microtunnelling machines includes a comprehensive range of AVN systems with different cutting heads for tunnelling in soft ground, mixed ground or hard rock. In soft soils and mixed geologies, standard or mixed ground cutterheads are used, while a rock cutterhead with disc cutters is used for tunnelling in stable rock formations.