Coleman Microtunnelling (previously Coleman Tunnelling) was established in 1971 and has gained over 40 years’ experience providing tunnelling solutions to major role players in the oil, gas and water industries through the construction of non destructive crossings using pipe jacking, auger boring, microtunnelling and segmental tunnelling techniques. Considered within the industry as a pioneer of these methods, was its founder member, the late Mr. John Coleman, who was also a founder member of the Pipejacking Association in addition to the Association of Auger Boring Specialists. Mr John Coleman was best remembered for the execution of the award winning first microtunnelling project undertaken in South Africa – The Mahatma Ghandi Road Sewer Extension Project.

Originally started in the United Kingdom, the company expanded its market base over the decades undertaking projects throughout Europe, Asia and Africa. Coleman Microtunnelling joined the Bothar Group of Companies in April 15 and continues to operate in close contact with its existing client base and market sectors.

Coleman Microtunnelling enjoys long-term client relationships born from providing consistently high levels of service, quality and reliability. We believe that given the wider group’s ongoing investment in new technology, use of a highly trained and skilled workforce, and all this delivered within best engineering practice, is something that the client base of Coleman Microtunnelling will continue to value.